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Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Painting on plate
Ceramic crafts of miniature trees and plants.
African Art
African Painting
Ajantha Mural
Glass painting done in a different style . The painting have an old antique look.
Antique Relief Work
Aplique Work
Aqua Painting
Arrangements made of handmade flowers and leaves.
Artificial Stain Glass
Bead Embroidery
Craft using bottles
Bridal bouquets and gift bouquets made with handemade flowers and fresh flowers. Many patterns available .from. Both artificial and fresh.
Grotto and Roman doll made of bread.
Flowers and leaves made of bread. Baskets of bread flowers etc.
Bridal Boquet
Button Craft
Candle making
Arranging and pasting pictures to give a three dimensional effect.
Glass painting done in celtic style studded with glass crystals.
Decorating pot with cement.
Ceramic Craft
Ceramic flowers
Painting on porcelain cups and plates.
Ceramic Work
China Clay Art Work
Varieties of decorative items made with ceramic mix.
Clay Art
Cloth Work
Coarse Painting
Coffee painting
Copper Painting
Without linears.
Done with glass crystals.The picture has a cut glass effect.
Crystal Horse
Painting done with glass crystals.
Crystal pot
Fifteen different varieties of candles. Most of them are techniques.
A French art of decorating pots and plates with pictures and painting.
Wall hanging made with cloth depicting figures of dolls.
Painting on egg shell
Painting having a soft embossed effect.
Enchanted Forest
Painting done with an epoxy medium. Pictures of birds and flowers.
European Lady Ribbon Art
Painting (both free hand and sketching) on sarees, dress etc. Several techniques taught.
Fancy Flowers
Painting on feather
Flora Craft
Handmade flower making using ordinary cloth.
Foil Work
Miniature fountain to keep indoors.
Painting done with moulded objects giving a three dimensional effect.
Gel Painting
Gemstone painting
Glass Art
Pictures are engraved on glass.
Etching done on glass using chemicals.
Glass work
Glazed painting
Painting on Gourd
Hand Bag Making
Handmade Flower
Christian wedding head-dresses and favours. Many varieties to choose from. Both artificial and fresh.
House Boat
Icing on glass
Indonesian art
Ink Art
Jarokha painting
Jewel Art
Leaf Ganapathy
Wall hanging made of M-Seal.
A craft imported from Malayasia made with a special mix. The craft depict a tree with birds and flowers.
A cone work painting done with marbke powder and painted.
A very attractive wall hanging using several techniques. Done on glass.
Carving made on metal sheets.
Embossing made on metal sheets.
Mirror Painting
Mirror painting (Acid work)
Mud Art Work of Gujarat
Kerala style mural painiting. Traditional
Making pictures and reliefs with wood and other embossing materials.
Painting of birds giving a three dimensional effect.
Curios object made with another mix of ceramic. This is different from Chinese Ceramic
Painting with a sharp nib instead of brush. Pictures of animals and birds.
Painting done on ordinary glass.
Paper Craft
Paper Embroidery
Flowers made of paper
Paper Painting
Crafts made with paper pulp.
Paper Roses
Parchment Craft
Porcelaine and Chemical Flowers
Painting pictures on earthenware
Designs made with pressed and dried flowers
Picture done with burning away the wood . No paint is used.
Painting that glows in the dark
Rajasthani work
Ribbon Craft
Ribbon Embroidery
Ribbon Weaving
Made of bread
Decorating pot with sand.
Sand Painting
It is done with crayons . The picture has an attractive coarse effect.
Painting on pure silk, using silk colours.
Flowers and leaves made of toilet soap.
Sola Wood Flowers
Dragon made of sola wood. A kind of soft wood
Special Glass Painting
Sponge Work
Stone Work
A Traditional painting made with relief work embedded with semi-precious stones.
Tea painting
Texture Art
Thai Clay Flowers
Thread Craft
Making pictures with thread.
Three dimensional glass painting
Tole painting
Vastu Mural
How to give wax coating to handmade flowers
Painting with wax.
Wall hanging made of metal wire
Wood Art
Craft done with materials related to wood.
Artificial wood with a mix of gum and other materials.